What Is Heeldo?

Heeldo is the first strap-on harness for your foot, allowing for hands-free anal and vaginal stimulation. This makes Heeldo the first and only strap-on for self use. Enhance your solo masturbation or couple play in a new and innovative way!


How to use the heeldo foot harness


This innovative strap-on harness is much more versatile than your standard strap-on.

You can wear it in several different ways for a variety of sexual positions. And the harness utilizes some of the most powerful muscles in the human body – the leg muscles – for more intense and more stimulating sex!

You can use the Heeldo in two main positions. The first position, Rear Heel, involves wearing the dildo like a large spur horizontal to your foot. You can then bend your leg like you were kneeling down and guide the dildo inside your vagina or anus. This leaves your hands and upper body free for other activities like oral sex with your partner or playing with yourself.

The second position, Bottom Heel, involves the dildo pointing straight downward – like a pair of stiletto high heels. This position is especially useful for gay couples as they can use it to please their partner at the same time while either lying down or sitting up across from each other.

The Heeldo Harness fits around heel and ankle like a sock. The neoprene sleeve stretches for a snug and secure fit, while an O-ring holds the dildo of your choice in place. Adjustable straps connect the O-ring to the harness to give you a sturdy platform that can hold up to even the most energetic thrusting. The harness comes with 1 rubber and 2 steel rings to accommodate a wide range of dildos.

The Heeldo works with any O-ring compatible dildos and vibrators. You can identify O-ring compatible sex toys by the extra-large base the extends around the shaft. Realistic dildos usually have a pair of balls, while other sex toys might have a suction cup instead.


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