Sex Toy For Foot Fetish Enthusiasts

Heeldo is the FIRST and only strap-on dildo harness for your foot making it the premier foot fetish sex toy for feet lovers. Your partner's feet and toes take on a whole new look as they peak out from the harness. Attach a dildo and watch things get even sexier.


If you have a foot fetish and like to watch...

Have your partner strap-on Heeldo while laying, kneeling, bouncing, or squatting on their favorite dildo or butt plug.


Sit Back and Enjoy the View

Watch your partner masturbate using their foot in the 'lay' position while laying spread in front of you. Feet lovers will appreciate this view.


From Behind

If you like watching your partner from the doggystyle position, watching them ride their Heeldo will blow your mind.