Heeldo Strap-On Foot Harness

The heeldo foot dildo harness allows for hands-free vaginal and anal masturbation – and kinky couple play. Heeldo makes it easy to get off while giving oral!


Do it.
With Your Foot.

The Heeldo harness slides on your foot like a sock, allowing any flared base dildo or butt plug to protrude out of the back of the harness, where your heel is. You can then sit, squat, and bounce on your favorite harness-friendly dildo.

Kinky Couple Play

Heeldo was created to enhance oral sex between partners. By switching to the 'bottom heel position', the harness can also be used on your partner while facing them. Read More >



Heeldo For Her

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"Single Greatest Invention To Improve Your Girl’s BJ’s!"

— Porn.com

Heeldo For Him

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The Premier Foot Fetish Sex Toy

Foot fetish enthusiasts will love and admire all of the unique positions their partner will be in while using Heeldo. Your imagination is your only limitation...  Read More >